Sunday, February 6, 2011

Frustrated ..

So my friends it's super bowl sunday. While I am not an avid football fan, I must say I usually enjoy watching the game for the funny commercials, and of course the awesome food! I was supposed to go over to Joey's house and watch with his family - but am home instead. Last night I actually did my meds a little early so I could get a good night sleep. Well after laying in my bed wide awake for about 3 hours I decided maybe I would be more comfortable on the couch. My puppy Chloe followed me downstairs and laid next to me. I don't know if it's the steroids or what - but my head felt like it was so tired and the rest of my body felt like it just couldn't stay still. After a few hours of getting up and repositioning myself even my puppy got annoyed and slept on the floor next to me. At 8am when my alarm went off to start my morning meds - I was STILL awake.
Tomorrow marks three weeks on IV's (TRIPLE antibiotics, steroids and fluids PLUS two oral antibiotics). While I am healthier than I was in the ICU just a few weeks ago, I feel I am really lagging on the recovery part. I have managed to go parts of the day without wearing oxygen and feel okay, but if I walk even 10ft I get so short of breath and need oxygen immediately. My o2 sats drop to the 80's and my heart rate sometimes hits 160-170. This is NOT OKAY.
I really wanted to return to work this week but I don't see that happening at this rate. I am so torn whether I should just go out on disability or maybe give myself one more week. Problem is, I've already been out three weeks AND used all of my remaining vacation and holiday time. I am in the negative when it comes to sick days.
I don't know if maybe I'd be better off back in the hospital, where I don't have to worry about hooking myself up to all of these medications at crazy hours or whether I should keep fighting from home. I'm just so exhausted and I want to feel better.


PicklePits said...

Based on your experience and knowing your own body, do you think one more week will be to your benefit? What's your gut tell you? Seriously.

Taking disability would so totally suck but...
it might be the necessary evil for you to kick this thing into gear and start feeling better.

My best advice is from someone who doesn't have CF but has two kids with it: Put your health above and BEYOND everything else.

Hugs to you girl!

Katy said...

I am staying on IV's one more week. Next week they will do a PFT and X-Ray and see how I am doing. If they think I still need more time on IVs then I will file for disability. If not, I can go back to work! I know my health has to come first - it just stinks some times!!

Learyloo said...
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Learyloo said...

Aw Katy, sounds like you're still feeling pretty crappy. Being exhausted and not being able to sleep is not a great combo.

I really hope you start to feel better soon!!!