Friday, February 18, 2011

Fevers .. again

Okay so I have been running a fever again. Yesterday the highest it hit was 101.7, and even though I have had fevers as high as 108! (yes, that's right) in the past - with an implanted port they always worry that there is an infection. So they did blood cultures yesterday and it will be a few days before we get the results. They started me on the medication that worked for the last two port infections I had just to be proactive incase it is in fact a port infection (which i hope to god it isn't!).
I have strict instructions that if my fever goes above 101.5 again that I have to go straight to the ER. They are worried about my oxygenation status, dehydration etc. I just really don't want to go back there! My doctor even said, Right now between the 6 antibiotics, the anti-fungal, the fluids and solu-medrol I'm pretty much covered for EVERYTHING. So WHYYYYY am I not getting better?

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