Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fundraiser in MY honor!

This blog is actually a little late but it is definitely something that deserves recognition. Everyone knows the past two years have been hard on me healthwise. I had to stop working for an entire year because my hospitalizations were so frequent and I just couldn't seem to stay healthy for a long enough period in between stays to actually start a full-time job again. I helped out at Erin's Isle (the restaurant I worked at since I was 14) for some extra cash - since my parents were pretty much supporting me. In that time period, I stopped work, moved out of my apartment and back home and spent most of my free time either in the hospital or at home doing IV medications. I unfortunately still had bills to pay, a car payment, student loans etc. My parents and family helped me out as much as they could - but let's face it, the economy has been tough on everyone lately. Joey decided to put together a fundraiser at Erin's Isle where all the tips that he made at the bar that night would go directly to me to help me out with my financial matters. He not only made a ton of tips but he also sold 50/50 raffles to increase profits. The night was a hugeeeee success. So many people showed up that night (I wasn't there because it was a surprise originally). The next morning Joey showed me the results of the night and I was completely floored at the generosity and the willingness of people who truly love me by the support that was given. Thanks to that night - and a little loan from my amazing boyfriend I will be officially done with paying thing off in less than 6 months. The stress that has been lifted from my shoulders is amazing. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world to have a boyfriend as amazing as Joey and a fabulous family, both mine and Joey's!

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