Friday, December 23, 2011

Forever Thankful ..

I'm not the best with words but I feel like it's necessary to get down exactly how I am feeling this holiday season. Blessed and Lucky are two of the main words that come into my mind. I honestly cannot believe that I am sitting here, able to take a DEEP breath in and not end up in a coughing fit turning up my oxygen and wondering when it's going to end. That's all BEHIND me now, and it's completely surreal.

I wish that I could meet my donor's family right now and let them know during this holiday season that they have given me the BEST gift in the entire world. I wish I could hug them and make their pain and sadness go away. I owe my life to my donor's family for making the decision to donate his/her lungs.

Just two months ago, I had lost complete faith that I would still be alive right now. I had gotten so sick that I don't even think I realized how bad I was. I couldn't walk by myself, I couldn't bathe myself. I was completely dependent on my family to help me around, I couldn't breathe without oxygen, I was hooked up to the strongest IV cocktail almost 24 hours a day. I was in so much pain from my diseased, yucky, CF lungs. Now today, 6 weeks after my life saving transplant, I think about what it was like right before surgery, and it seems like a bad dream, but it was real. My donor's lungs are the ULTIMATE christmas gift. I will cherish them forever.

In the new year I cannot wait to start giving back to the community. I want to help spread awareness about organ donation and how amazing and truly life changing it can be for people. I really hope that I can make a difference and make people realize that donating their organs is a beautiful thing.

This is going to be the best Christmas I have ever had. All I need is to be with the people that I love. My family and friends have been amazing throughout my transplant journey. The love and support I have received is completely overwhelming. I want to thank my boyfriend, Joey for being my rock through everything. I want to thank my cysters who have been there for me, preparing me, answering my crazy questions and just knowing what I am feeling and thinking.

I have never been so content and at peace with the world. I honestly feel like for once, everything is happening just like it should. I am very excited to start a brand new year, and put this new found "health" to good use!

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