Saturday, August 13, 2011

I don't mean to brag but ...

My boyfriend is pretty much the best guy there is. I always knew that Joey was an amazing person inside and out. It wasn't until I started dating him and I got sicker and sicker and I realized that he didn't care. He loves me whether I can run along side him on the treadmill or if the only thing he can do to comfort me is come over and watch TV with me.

I honestly feel like I hit the boyfriend jackpot. I would do anything for him and right now it's so hard because I would love to do little things here and there to show him that I love him as much as he loves me, but my health really limits me. He's studying to become a nurse, and he works almost every free minute at Erin's Isle (the restaurant that we both worked at and where we met about 10 years ago!). When I was studying for my nursing boards he would bring me random Starbucks coffee. I wish that I had energy and stamina where I could just do little things for him like that.

We started dating in April of 2008 while I was still relatively healthy, except for the IV antibiotics 2-3 times a year. We went away to a wedding in Aruba in July of 2008 and ever since then my health has gotten progressively worse. We only had a good 3 months where I was feeling good to do fun things all the time. I jokingly told him that he's not going to know what to do with me post-transplant when I am feeling good and have energy again!

This post is not directly to Joey or anyone in particular, but for those of you with CF who think that there are no good guys out there who will stick by you when things get tough, this is to prove that there are! When Joey and I started talking I wasn't exactly looking for anything. We had always been friends, and I always thought he was really cute and the nicest guy ever and that if he was just a LITTLE bit older he'd be my perfect match. Well a few years later, you realize a few years don't matter in the great scheme of things.

I can honestly say that since I have gotten sicker, besides my family and friends support, Joey has been and continues to be my rock. I cannot wait for the day that I feel well enough to make him see that sticking by me, even when sometimes I sleep for days, will eventually be worth it!

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Jamie said...

I love this post! Good for you for finding one of the good ones :) I have been with what I consider the best man in the world (I'm prejudice)for over 13 years. I met my husband Bryan when I was just 19 and still very active & healthy. I worked full time and was only hospitalized twice a year. He was my rock, my stability, my caregiver, my best friend and he's been by my side through the worst of times. It's amazing and something worth bragging about. . .so go ahead and BRAG about your wonderful man ;)I have bragged about Bryan MANY times on my blog. LOL